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Have you ever wondered what happened after Jesus’ eventful birth? First, there was the excitement of the angels appearing to the shepherds watching their sheep and then their subsequent arrival at the stable… Luke 2 gives the account: “And she

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Christmas is so much fun! I love purchasing just the right gift for that special person! This is all well and good, but it’s so hard to do!!! Some people just won’t tell you what they really want, leaving us

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Are you struggling with leaving the familiar and moving in a new direction? You aren’t alone. It’s HARD to change. I find this Bible account about the life of John the Baptist very moving. John was the predecessor of Jesus,

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The Lesson of Fallen Leaves

When I look out over my yard, all I see are multicolored fallen leaves!  Despairing of having to mow and mulch yet again, I realized that even in fallen leaves, there is a lesson to be learned. As the leaves

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GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE 2 Cans (1lb. Each) whole green beans 2 teaspoon garlic salt 2 cans (10 ½ oz. Each) cream of mushroom soup ½ soup can of milk 2 cans (2oz. Each) mushrooms 1 pkg. (2 oz.) slivered almonds

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Our Thanksgiving Day

  I. Children, do you know the story Of the first Thanksgiving Day, Founded by our Pilgrim Fathers In that time so far away? II. They had given for religion Wealth and comfort, yes, and more, Left their homes, and

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Today is Election Day. The day where we citizens choose who will represent us in government. It’s a big deal to be able to vote! Some people don’t have that luxury. Yet, every day we face opportunities to make choices.

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Flying in the Right Direction

  A few days ago a flock of Canada Geese were making their way to their winter home, at least we think they were.  There must have been 300 flying together!  Their honking filled the air as they flew in

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Thoughts on Halloween

October is the month we think of ghosts and goblins, and all things scary.  Not my favorite theme for such a beautiful time of year.  At this time of year, it is very difficult to resist the temptation to participate

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How To Have Fellowship With God

  If God seems distant and unreachable despite your best efforts, you’re probably feeling frustrated and irritable. How do you reach God? There was a time in my life where I was frustrated by my efforts to get God’s attention.

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