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Maintaining the privacy of my readers is important to me.  Consequently, I am not providing a means for readers to submit comments or make requests directly on this website. I am not offering any products directly on this website. Therefore, no personal information will be collected or stored by me.

If you would like to contact me for some reason, you can sign my guestbook which is located on the bottom of each page. I will check for comments periodically, and respond via my guestbook website.

My website is online and visible to any who want to read it. Content in Words of Encouragement is geared for adults, meaning anyone over the age of eighteen.  My articles are based on my opinions and worldview. They are written to inform and encourage. Readers are not under any obligation to apply my wisdom and advice to your lives.


All content in Words of Encouragement  is copyright © 1995 to the present by Linda Hull, all rights reserved, reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without permission.

Bible verses are taken from the King James Bible. The King James Bible is in the public domain.


I appreciate your interest in using some of the photos and graphics that may be used on this website. However, these are all copyrighted by the owners. 

Photos posted on this blog are the property of Linda Hull, with all rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without permission. Reproduction in whole or in part means the clip art and photos are not to be copied, saved to your computer for future use, or reproduced in any matter including copying or scanning, photographing or by any other means.

The clip art is used with permission and is not available for me to share.

For now all content, images, and clipart is reserved solely for my use on Words of Encouragement and my other webpages.

Some graphics are from Microsoft Office, J. O. D.’s Old Fashioned B & W Clipart Collection, Acacia Victorian Clipart , Christians Unite, Religion Clip Art by Expert Software, Inc. © 1996, and Art Explosion 10,000 © 1995-2001 by Nova Development Corporation and its licensors. Rights of all parties reserved.

Thank you for your interest in using my articles and images!