How to Occupy at Home

Let’s face it, most of us are not used to staying home for any length of time! In the olden days, most families had plenty to do at home. There were always the chores to be done, little kids to

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How to Cope with Coronavirus Rules!

Okay, this is hard because we are all used to coming and going at will, mostly going of course. So being told to stay home to avoid becoming contaminated with the coronavirus or spreading it to someone else is a

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Help One Another

“They helped every one his neighbour; and every one said to his brother, Be of good courage.” Isaiah 41:6 KJV Times are difficult, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming these days. It’s the first pandemic most have been through! I remember growing

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Don’t Take Life For Granted

Daily routines tend to be just that…routine. We go through the motions without really even thinking about what we’re doing. Automatic pilot is great for airplanes, but for most of us, it’s robs us of fully enjoying every moment of

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A Promise and a Hope

If you’ve ever been the victim of a promise broken, you understand how hard it is to trust promises people make. A broken promise often leads to division, strife, and of course, much disappointment. Yet, there is one who always

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Let Your Light Shine!

I love lighthouses! Vacationing in the New England area of Maine and New Hampshire, there are lots of lighthouses to see. Each follows a similar pattern of being tall enough for the light to be seen at sea and positioned

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    Feeling down and discouraged? Maybe things at work, school, or at home are not going smoothly. Problems always seem to abound when we least want them. Don’t despair! God is still here! There is nothing more encouraging than

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Every time I read the news, I see our fate as a nation written with a “pen of iron”. What do I mean? Take a look in the Bible at Jeremiah 17 which explains that the sin of the nation

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Have you ever worked with clay or play-dough? I find it rather difficult to create anything that looks like something. I try, but I’m never satisfied with my creation. Some people have a gift for working with clay and creating

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Freedom Explained The thirst for freedom is engrained in every one of us. Everyone wants to be free to do whatever they wish. Answering to no one, and being limited in nothing the heart desires is the motto of many.

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