The Abomination of Child Sacrifice



In the news last week the U.S. House Judicial Committee gave the first hearing under the heading:   “Planned Parenthood Exposed: Examining the Horrific Abortion Practices at the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider.”  Of course this stems from the recently publicized undercover videos by The Center for Medical Progress about the sale of aborted baby parts.  The purpose . . . → Read More: The Abomination of Child Sacrifice

Finding Christmas in the Midst of Tragedy

A Christmas Nativity

Countless numbers of people are talking about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I read in a blog that some people are cancelling Christmas this year, even taking down their decorations because their joy of Christmas has been destroyed.  Despite the sorrow and numbness of our hearts, we can still find joy . . . → Read More: Finding Christmas in the Midst of Tragedy


Thank you to all those who have served the U.S.A. in the military.  We appreciate your sacrificial service to uphold the principles of freedom and democracy.

Many in our family have served in just about every war and in times of peace.  Some are serving now.  Thank you!  We are proud of you!

There have been many wars, . . . → Read More: WE SALUTE OUR VETERANS!

November is National Adoption Month!

An alternative choice to abortion is adoption!  November is National Adoption Month proclaimed first in 1990 by President Gerald Ford.  What began as a week long recognition of adoption soon expanded to month long activities and gatherings to celebrate adoption.

The primary goal of the month is to find families for children currently . . . → Read More: November is National Adoption Month!



One of the biggest lies being perpetrated on the public is the idea we all worship the same God.  So it’s okay to join any religious group.  Even denominations are blurring the lines of Biblical truths to draw the masses.  People have forgotten that sound doctrine matters.

A recent news report at One News Now reveals Americans . . . → Read More: IS DOCTRINE IMPORTANT?

ENTITLED??? I Don’t Think So

I just heard on the news that Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Arizona over new legislation called the Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act (HB 2800).  It’s a pretty gutsy bill because it prohibits tax dollars from being given to abortion providers.  You have to read the bill!  View the May 2012 announcement by . . . → Read More: ENTITLED??? I Don’t Think So


There has been a lot of concern over the continued violation of First Amendment Rights which started with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This doesn’t just affect Catholics but all Christians and anyone who does not believe in birth control, sterilization, or the use of abortifacients. The recent decision by . . . → Read More: THE ULTIMATE CHOICE


I searched my newspaper yesterday and today for photos and articles about the Sanctity of Life marches that took place across the country on Monday, January 23rd.  Guess what???  There were none!  Nada.

I have read that thousands peacefully marched all over the country!  Hurrah for them!  I salute their faithfulness!

Instead, on Monday I . . . → Read More: ON THE SANCTITY OF LIFE


Years ago I volunteered at a Crisis Pregnancy Center with a Christ centered philosophy.  It was truly one of the best ministry experiences I’ve ever been involved with.  During the years I served, I learned so much about people and about myself.

When people reveal their heart, it is easy to see why the abortion issue is . . . → Read More: SANCTITY OF LIFE SUNDAY

Examining the Question – Are Mormons Christians?

What a furor has been created by identifying the Church of Latter Day Saints as a cult!  It is being widely reported that Mitt Romney is under attack because of his Mormon faith.  What’s going on?

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas identified the Church of Latter Day Saints as a cult and implied . . . → Read More: Examining the Question – Are Mormons Christians?