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DSCN7193 768x1024 Order Your StepsFollowing a trail during a hiking trip can lead to out of the way locations. Opportunities abound to see some amazing sites. Standing on a high mountain looking out over a valley is truly a delight. But while looking outward at the expanse, it’s also imperative to look downward, because it could be you’re standing on a precipice. One wrong move, and there could be a tragic fall. It’s important to stay on the trail to avoid a fall.

As a Bible student, I think of standing on a precipice as a sign of readiness to make a decision. There is the way of danger and trouble, i.e. sin, or there is the way of safety and peace. Once the unwise decision is made, the fall down the precipice begins.

A life without Christ can certainly be characterized as a fall down a precipice. In this case, the fall can be stopped. How? By receiving Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.

Years ago I had the opportunity to be a counselor in a Billy Graham Crusade. All counselors receive intense training on how to share the Gospel. A helpful tool published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is a little tract based on Bible verses called “Steps to Peace With God”.  It tells the interested person how to receive the gift of salvation from the punishment of sin.

The tract reminds us that the Bible tells us that all have sinned. There is no sinless human. The tract explains that man is separated from God because of sin. Each of us has personal sin that separates from a relationship with God. In order to be accepted by God, that sin must be dealt with. There is only one way to erase that sin and to receive God’s forgiveness. That is through the atonement Jesus paid for with His life.

Who is Jesus? Jesus is God’s Son, and is without sin. Therefore He is the only one who can pay the penalty for our sin, because God requires a sinless sacrifice. Jesus died on a cross in our place. He took our sin upon Himself and paid the price for mankind. If we will confess our sins and accept His sacrifice as payment for our sin, then we will be forgiven with no further penalty needed. Jesus paid it all.

Even though Jesus paid our sin price, we need to make the commitment to live God’s way. The Bible is our guide to daily living.  The Bible is split into two sections: the New Testament and the Old Testament. It teaches us how to please God and how to be obedient to His commands.

The New Testament teaches us about Jesus and His life. His disciples wrote many of the books in the New Testament. They tell us about the life and ministry of Jesus, and serve as a guide in how to live life in a manner that is pleasing to God.

The Old Testament provides a history of man, and particularly the history of the Hebrew people. We can learn much from their experiences. The Bible teaches us much about the nature of God.

God provides a clear path for Believers to follow. As long as we stay focused on Him, the easier it is for us to follow Him in obedience. If life is going sour, then it’s time for a change. Make the decision to follow Jesus today. Order your steps in His Word.





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