Garden wisdom comes from several sources. It’s passed around by experienced gardeners, gathered from personal experience, and sometimes it comes from unexpected sources. Tried and true wisdom about gardening also points us to truths about life and ourselves.

“Love of flowers and all things green and growing is with many men and women a passion so strong . . . → Read More: GARDEN WISDOM


Interested in Nature, aka God’s Creation Designs?? Learning about God’s creation will stimulate your thinking and open your eyes to really see the wonderful creation designed and created by God.  No, it wasn’t a random act, but a well thought out design.

We are surrounded by living proof of an awesome God and His ability and power . . . → Read More: GOD’S CREATION DESIGNS


Do you need public school alternatives??

Have you considered making the homeschool choice? Choosing to homeschool is a life changing decision for the entire family.  Parents have the burden of responsibility to educate their children. 

You know homeschooling is a great education choice, but it’s not easy, because it is much like the old fashioned one . . . → Read More: MAKING THE HOMESCHOOL CHOICE


Start Now!!

When you need words of encouragement because life is difficult, you can find peace, hope, and grace in Jesus. Make it your quest to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, just as I have. If you are interested, then come along and begin to seek Him in all . . . → Read More: SEEKING JESUS


The parable of the five foolish virgins and five wise virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 has always been of interest to me.  In fact, it has tremendous significance to Christians and to unbelievers.  It’s about the covenant marriage between Jesus and Believers.

Matthew uses a parable to explain the betrothal of Believers to the Lord Jesus . . . → Read More: A BIBLICAL MARRIAGE


That last week before His crucifixion was not an ordinary week.  Jesus knew He was going to be crucified.  Reading the account of that last night before His crucifixion in John 17, it is evident that Jesus’ thoughts were on us.  We can look at this tremendous act of redemption and realize His great love for . . . → Read More: SANCTIFIED FOR US


Reading through the Bible, we learn how to worship God.  Through the building of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant in the Book of Exodus, we learn holiness.  Specific details are given for the measurements, the materials, and the implements for worship.  Those things used for God were not to be used elsewhere, for . . . → Read More: RESERVED FOR GOD


This past week marked the 40th anniversary of the landmark abortion permission decision in the case called Roe v. Wade.  The year was 1973 when Justices of the Supreme Court decided abortion was to be allowed, a right protected under the Constitution.  Since then, abortion has been a sad testimony of this country’s changing values under . . . → Read More: PRESERVING THE BABIES

Finding Christmas in the Midst of Tragedy

A Christmas Nativity

Countless numbers of people are talking about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I read in a blog that some people are cancelling Christmas this year, even taking down their decorations because their joy of Christmas has been destroyed.  Despite the sorrow and numbness of our hearts, we can still find joy . . . → Read More: Finding Christmas in the Midst of Tragedy

Where is the Line to See Jesus?

As Christmas approaches, news reports are filled with stories of trouble and woe.  The fiscal cliff is fast approaching.  Death is in the air.  Yet no one is asking, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” except Becky Kelley in her Christmas music video.

Desperation is in everyone’s eyes, but they’re all standing in line to see Santa.  . . . → Read More: Where is the Line to See Jesus?