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Are You a Chief Sinner?

Did you need Jesus to die on the cross for you? Are you a chief sinner?  It is no badge of honor, but it is an indication of your spiritual maturity.  Sinners know the depth of their depravity.  They understand

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As Easter soon approaches, my thoughts have been on that terrible ordeal Jesus underwent upon the cross to pay the price required to cover my sin and everyone else’s sin. Crucifixion is a terrible, slow death that is very painful.

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Have you ever wanted something but were unsure exactly what??? Have you ever asked for something and then been disappointed with what you received??? JAMES 4:1-3 KJV 1.”From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even

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A Psalm of David

        My favorite psalms are those written by David. You may remember he was the shepherd boy, chosen by God to be king over Israel and Judah. This is a good one for those times when you

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Forgiveness Doesn’t Come Easy!

Years ago my husband and I bought a brand new Honda Civic.  It was a light sky blue, and was one of the first energy efficient models on the road.  It was decided that I would drive it, and be

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Why Did Jesus Come?

Our Lord did not come to teach us to walk in righteousness, although we are commanded to obey His laws and commands. He did not come to take on His kingship, although he is King of Kings. He did not

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